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Wheelchair Lift Repair

Airport Discount Tire & Auto is a certified wheelchair lift repair center. If you operate a wheelchair accessible van or are responsible for a nursing home fleet, contact our professionals whenever you need to fix a broken vehicle lift. We serve families and health clinics across Lester, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Chester, PA, and surrounding areas.

Call (484) 494-0003 to speak with a representative of our staff, and schedule your service.

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We Are Automotive Wheelchair Lift Specialists

We strictly specialize in the repair of lifts on mobility vehicles. We have the correct equipment and tools at our service center and have obtained proper Pennsylvania certification. We'll restore proper working condition to your vehicle's wheelchair lift in a timely manner.

Common Mobility Lift Problems

Problems occur for many reasons, from operation mistakes to regular use over time. Below are some common problems we fix:

  • Operator Error: Damage caused by using lifts on uneven surfaces or hurrying before lift is ready
  • Outboard Flaps: Damage to the mechanism that controls the flap.
  • Ground Connections: Performance problems due to a bad grounding connection between the vehicle and lift; a bad electrical connection will cause problems
  • Lift Springs: Performance problems due to worn springs, which wear over time. They're usually good for around 4-5 years, but they'll eventually need replacement.
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Performance problems due to low or improper fluid.
  • Latching Locks: Performance problems on latching locks which are prone to corrosion over time

If you're having trouble getting your lift down or up, hear strange noises, or have other problems, contact our professionals for service.

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